MERCI to everyone who has shared artwork and photos from their stays at our home. This gallery showcases some of their work. Their websites or contact information are below.

A group of “Escape Artists” from southern Maryland who spent 2 weeks in Carcès left paintings for us that we display proudly in the entryway. They include Sue Basile, Ann Crain, Jeanne Hammett, Berenice Pliskin, and Karen Russell (who sadly has died).

Niya Sisk spent winter weeks in Carcès to paint and eventually create a book! You will spot a couple of her paintings in the house.

Stacy Silverwood, an avid photographer and budding painter, and his wife, Carol Alley, have rented our home long-term several times, (including a full year in which we did not return to France). They explored the region and Stacy is sharing a sampling of his adventures here.

Erin Lubin and Angela Lang are among other photographers who have stayed Chez Nous and who have generously shared images they captured while in Carcès.

We feel so very fortunate to own our home and that so many creative people have called it theirs for a while.